1. SeikoChan 10 years ago

    Enjoy Your workout!!

  2. Ucking 10 years ago

    We have to get you a ucgym shirt

  3. Jlopez30 10 years ago

    It was a good one!

  4. Jlopez30 10 years ago

    Yes I definitely need one to start reppin’!

  5. Masha 10 years ago

    How about cardio ??full package 😉

  6. Jlopez30 10 years ago

    Had to rush home and watch my Lakers! But definitely getting some cardio in tomorrow! 🙂

  7. Ucking 10 years ago

    are you in la

  8. Jlopez30 10 years ago

    Yes I’m always at LA fitness on La Cienega.

  9. Ucking 10 years ago

    meet you there next tue

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