1. khrisright 10 years ago

    Lol it looks really really good . But at the same time its 3000 calories

  2. Tarjit 10 years ago

    Looks delicious

  3. Ucking 10 years ago

    Do not eat it

    I did not eat it

    Greasy greasy greasy

  4. korpzlokz 10 years ago

    It does look good

  5. Oksana 10 years ago

    Really ???? This looks nasty, like it is swimming in gris and fat. Yak! No Dennis for me!!!!!!

  6. NikkiRBrown 10 years ago

    eew. I think I may have sent that back.

  7. NikkiRBrown 10 years ago

    by the way I had IHOP a few weeks ago. they had a couple of “Simple n Fit” entrees available. I had fluffy eggs, turkey bacon fruit and wheat toast (no butter) for under 400 kcal

  8. Masha 10 years ago

    Oh nooooo!!! Bad boy !

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