1. Oksana 10 years ago

    – because I like it and have fun (most of the times, lol)
    – because I want to feel strong
    – because I want to be healthy
    – because I want to stay in shape
    – because I like to feel that I can do this and see the progress

  2. ShannonS. 10 years ago

    I workout because I love the way body and mind feels after a workout. I feel like I have accomplish something after each workout. It’s a stress reliever, I feel healthier and it’s a way to stay active as I get older. And not to mention I also workout because I like the way I look with curves and muscles 🙂

  3. mishbebe 10 years ago

    :good: @shannon

  4. mishbebe 10 years ago

    @Oksana :good:

  5. SeikoChan 10 years ago

    I workout because living a healthier life will allow me to be around for my children, and for that feeling you get right after you just killed yo r workout. :boxing :boxing

  6. Dennis-Vega 10 years ago

    believe or not i dont workout to be healthy or to look to big or lean or anything … i just do cause it seems like this is one of things i can fully commit to and a very strong commitment i made with my homies at equinox back in the day

  7. neha620 10 years ago

    What @oksana said :yahoo:

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