1. Gill 9 years ago

    Are they good ??

  2. BigHit 9 years ago

    Yes.. Delicious. Better than quest chips lol a million times better. They also have a peas flavor

  3. kimberly 9 years ago

    Do they taste good

  4. Ucking 9 years ago

    Did I hear you say free samples lol

  5. Gill 9 years ago

    You saling those at GNC ??

  6. BigHit 9 years ago

    @kimberly taste ggggreat lol
    @ucking you can have some lol I’ll bring next week.
    @gill no, they are from trader joes

  7. Gill 9 years ago

    Ok irwin I need to try them ..:)

  8. Ucking 9 years ago

    I like how he does that group reply lol

  9. kimberly 9 years ago

    Ok thanks

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