1. Gill 8 years ago

    Wow wow keep it up

  2. westguy17 8 years ago

    Now I need a wheelchair to get to my car. Jajajja

  3. Gill 8 years ago

    Hahaaa do u really need it I’ll send it to you !!!

  4. westguy17 8 years ago

    I’m good now. Driving. Listening some good song to relax.

  5. Karabearfit 8 years ago

    Nice job! Haha

  6. Gill 8 years ago

    Ok that’s good that u didn’t need the wheelchair lol

  7. westguy17 8 years ago

    Not any more I’m ready to eat my pizza mojo potatoes and a six pack of beer. Jajjajaja. JK.

  8. Gill 8 years ago

    What ?? You don’t need to eat that ,, you work too hard for the food it will a wasted workout .. Lol

  9. westguy17 8 years ago

    I’m just kidding. I not eating. Just get some millk and bananas

  10. Gill 8 years ago

    Ok you know better ,, you need some protein not a milk and banana shake u need food food

  11. westguy17 8 years ago

    Protein I just do that twice a week.

  12. P-R-B 8 years ago

    Nice job brother!

  13. Ucking 8 years ago


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