1. Gill 8 years ago

    Looking good !!

  2. Pebbles323 8 years ago

    Thanxs I’m trying to loose 30 pounds

  3. Gill 8 years ago

    Wow , you said 30 ?

  4. Gill 8 years ago

    Where do you workout at ??

  5. Pebbles323 8 years ago

    Yes I stopped going to the gym for 6 months n got a new job in the process n I gained 30 so I have to loose the 30 I gained

  6. Pebbles323 8 years ago

    I work out at la fitness la cienega

  7. Ucking 8 years ago

    30 pounds ?
    If you lose 30 pounds you would disappear lol

  8. Pebbles323 8 years ago

    Jajajaja not disappear but get n shape n loose this gutt

  9. Gill 8 years ago

    Hmmm you look in shape to me ,, 30 pounds its a lot though ..

  10. Gill 8 years ago

    Ok , you will get where u want to go , just eat good and work hard !! 🙂

  11. Pebbles323 8 years ago

    Pictures are deceiving lol n thanx u I’m trying n yes I’m dieting

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