1. Oksana 9 years ago

    Nice abs! :good:

  2. Ucking 9 years ago

    your hard work paid off hi five :abs

  3. ShannonS. 9 years ago

    Nice abs! What do I need to eat and what should my workout consist of to get my abs to look half as good?

  4. natlatination 9 years ago

    @Shannon I’m unfortunately not a rigid diet type of person. I work out to be able to eat what I like as I’m a food lover. BUT I try to eat every morning, as gross at it may sound, tuna with orange juice. I put it in the blender and drink that after my workouts. It has seemed to help me out a lot and its taste isn’t so bad. I do my regular workouts and run a mile a day.

  5. Oksana 9 years ago

    Tuna and orange juice? How did you even come up with it? Well, it looks like it is working for you? :boxing Do you use fresh squeezed orange juice?

  6. khrisright 9 years ago

    Keep it up

  7. NikkiRBrown 9 years ago

    that’s what hard work looks like! :good: Tuna and OJ though? I’ll keep my “keg” if I have to drink that to get a six pack. can one eat tuna and and orange… separately? lol.

  8. natlatination 9 years ago

    My mother and her old loosing weight remedies ahah but yes she told me about it and I use Tropicana juice with pulp. :good:

  9. natlatination 9 years ago

    yeah of course but not sure the same results….i don’t see why it would be different but yes i forgot to mention I also throw HEMP seeds inside the blend….lots of Omega3

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