1. Oksana 10 years ago

    Great info Nikki! Pesticides are another bad thing. Thanks for posting! :good:
    I probably would not buy non-organic corn so, since most of it is GMO.
    But I guess this list focuses mostly on pesticides, not GMO.

  2. NikkiRBrown 10 years ago

    Yes, this lists gives the produce that has the most pesticides on it, with apple being #1 just like you told us. The Chemical issue gets my attention more because I know of the harm – and am extremely sensitive to them – especially pesticides. If I eat them on carrots or apples I get sick right away. if I even peel non organic carrots and get the chemicals on my skin I itch so bad. It does not even matter if I wash them. I can’t seem to get the chemicals off.

    GMO just kind of gives me the creeps – but I don’t really know what specific harm comes from it -and if it is the same with all foods. Is GMO corn more or less dangerous than GMO Soy? because the big companies like Monsanto squash the information, we don’t have any real clue.

    People who are going 100% non GMO should avoid pretty much all processed foods, especially foods that contain Corn, Soy, Cottonseed, Alfalfa, Papaya, Canola, and Sugar Beets unless they are 100% organic. I agree, @Oksana people trying to limit GMO should add these to the “dirty dozen” list because they are almost always genetically modified. I found an interesting article that discusses it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/margie-kelly/genetically-modified-food_b_2039455.html

    Of course any products that are made from these – like corn oil, grape seed oil, beet sugar, papaya extract, tofu, etc. must be presumed to be GMO, so products containing them should be avoided.

    I learned that not all conventional foods contain GMO – but since there is no regulation on labeling of GMO’s the only way to know that a food is not GMO is if it is Certified Non GMO or is 100% certified organic.

    Next issue: Meats – – how do we know if their feed contained GMO? does anyone buy Organic meat? Is it worth the expense?

  3. Oksana 10 years ago

    Meat is the biggest problem for me and the most costly. Organic meat should be fed organic food. At least they claim that.

    We don’t eat any beef or post at home, so I can eliminate that problem. I have been buying organic chicken from costco for a while now (i think it is a bit cheaper then Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods) and it even taste 100 times better. Meat is more tender. Cosco in LA use to have also organic ground turkey. The one were we live don’t have it. 🙁

    Is it worth it? I think this decision everyone has to make for himselve. It is to me. I also think if more people would be more careful what they are buying and try to buy organic, non-GMO , then companies would be forced to produce more of it. This way prices for organic food might go down. Organic should be a normal food for everybody, not the luxury.

    The problem is not only that people can’t effort it, but some don’t even give a care. Yesterday in the Mall, we came up to about 5 stands which were selling food and asked, if their food had GMO. They looked at us so strange and asked: “What is GMO?”

    I know tons of people, who don’t make a lot of money and eat in fast food places every single day with a whole family. No way it is cheaper, then cooking even organic at home. Heath problems will cost you much more in the feature.

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