Challenge by Miguel Sandoval (@mrsandoval). Challenging Jamie (@ucking) and Miguel (@miguel)

1) You must do 100 Push-Ups as quickly as possible.
2) Your arms must go down to at least 90-degrees and all the way up if possible.
3) You must record the 100 Push-Ups and share it with UCGym.com or YouTube (share the link in the comments below). Hashtag: #ucgympushupchallenge
4) You must challenge two people.
5) If the persons you challenged beat the time in which you did you your 100 Push-Ups, you must do the challenge all over again and attempt to beat their time and repeat the cycle. If one person cannot beat the other’s time, that person loses.
6) If possible, have a timer on screen for maximum accuracy.

Challenge by Jamie (@ucking). He is challenging Oksana (@oksana) and Shannon (@shannon).

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