Algae Powder Article by Miguel Sandoval

-What Is It?

Spirulina is a natural species of Algae/Cyanobacteria that contains over 100 Vitamins and Minerals and contains large quantities of Protein that is cultivated in lakes or freshwater. It’s green in color and sold in powder or tablet form. This “Grade A” Superfood is mostly comprised of Proteins and contains all Essential Amino Acids (the ones not made in the body that must be supplied from outside sources.) This species of Algae is 50-70% Protein and Amino Acids by weight! Spirulina has undergone many studies over the years and has been found to be the highest known source of Protein in the world. In its powdered form, it contains 2g of Protein per teaspoon— that’s equal to a little less than one gram of Protein per gram of Spirulina! Meats in general have approximately 7-grams of Protein per 28 grams of meat. This means that meats are close to 25% Protein whilst Spirulina is about 60% Protein. But wait! There’s more! Spirulina provides these following benefits that’ll keep you not only strong and muscular, but also healthy:

– Strengthens the Immune System: Spirulina promotes rapid cell regeneration that aids in the healing of wounds and makes the recovery of illnesses faster. The nutrients found in Spirulina fortify and strengthen the Immune System so that you can be at your best and stay healthy year-round.

– Assists in Eye health: Spirulina contains Vitamin A, which has been found to be essential in Eye health and contains a Vitamin A concentration 10-times greater than Carrots.

– Improved Digestive System: The promotion of healthy Bacteria that comes from the consumption of Spirulina eases the passage way of waste and gives you a healthier Digestive System that will also improve the absorption of other foods during digestion.

– Detoxing: Spirulina’s high concentration of Chlorophyll is very effective in the process of Detoxification. Chlorophyll is one the nature’s most powerful and effective Detoxification agents that removes toxins from the blood and binds to heavy metals and removes them from the body.

Spirulina delivers many more benefits to go along with those mentioned above such as the improvement of Cardiovascular health, increased Cancer protection, reduction of Arthritis symptoms, a healthier Liver, healthier Bone Marrow, and the relief of PMS symptoms. If this isn’t reason enough to give Spirulina a try, I don’t know what is!

– Is Spirulina Better Than Whey Protein?

Absolutely! Spirulina is better than Whey Protein, or any Protein, on any given day. Whey Protein is typically bought in jugs or bags and just barbarically loaded with Chemicals and Preservatives that make the Protein last for what appears to be eternity, not to mention all the Artificial Flavors and Colors thrown in there as well. The Chemicals and other uncalled for ingredients in the Protein end up causing your body more harm than benefit. This is not at all the case of Spirulina. Powdered Spirulina is sold 99% of the time with no Pesticides, Herbicides, GMOs,Preservatives, or flavorings. Keeping the Spirulina in its natural form yields a pure deliverance of nothing but benefits. How much you have to take is up to you, following the product label is recommended so as to not take in too much of the magic that is Spirulina. Sure it won’t taste pleasant, but it’s ideally and popularly consumed with smoothies and shakes in order to pile on to it even more nutritious benefits.

Here are a few smoothie recipes you can try with Spirulina:

1) 1 Ripe Banana
+ 1 Cup of Frozen Blueberries
+ 1 Cup of Spinach
+ 1 Cup of Kale
+ ⅓ Cup of Water/Almond Milk/Coconut Water
+ 1 Tablespoon of Ground Flax Seeds
+ 1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds
+ 1 Teaspoon of Spirulina

Blend this all together and you’ll have yourself a smoothie rich with Carbohydrates and Proteins that are sure to keep you energized and fresh for the whole day! 

2) 1 Cups of Water/Green Tea/Apple Juice
+ 1 Medium Chopped Cucumber
+ 1 Cup of Spinach Leaves
+ 1 Sliced Green Apple
+ 1 Tablespoon of Spirulina
+ Optional-Stevia or Honey for sweetness

Liquify this into a smoothie and you’re sure to have the revitalizing smoothie of the century! 

3) 1 Banana
+ 1 Teaspoon of Spirulina Powder
+ 1 Cups of Milk (of your choice)
+ 1 Tablespoon of Honey
+ Cup of Yogurt
+ 1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon
+ Ice as needed

This smoothie is one that will give you loads of Protein and Carbs ideal for pre- or post-workout! 

4) 1 Cup of Yogurt
+ 1 Teaspoon of Spirulina Powder
+ Cup of Orange Juice
+ Cup of Mixed Berries
+ Cup of Pineapple
+Ice as needed

This tropical smoothie will give you the ultimate energy and nutrition boost that’ll take you to paradise.

Spirulina is very flexible when it comes to smoothies, throwing in as little as one teaspoon or as much as one tablespoon in any smoothie will work out just fine. It’s unprecedented amounts of nutrients and Proteins is the most complete source of nutrition out there. Of course, you can’t solely live off of Spirulina, but be sure to include it in your diet for it is a worthy thing to consume.

 – Conclusion:

Spirulina has been on this Earth for millions of years and has just recently been discovered as the world’s most complete source of nutrition. It’s outstanding amounts of Protein, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, and benefits have deemed it as a Superfood worth trying. It’s not piled on with Preservatives and Chemicals that’ll harm you more than will benefit you. Spirulina, the magical food no one’s heard of. Give it a try! It might not taste like your standard “MEGA ULTRA SUPER-DUPER CHOCOLATE BLAST SUPREME FUSION” Whey Protein powder, but it sure will benefit you more. No fillers and straight to the point, everything Whey Protein isn’t!

  1. Nikki Brown 10 years ago

    Informative article, thanks. Any recommendations for which product to buy? Also – thanks for the recipes. I’m just getting into juicing so that was super helpful.

    I am presuming that we add a few teaspoons to juice, water or smoothies – not take a whole scoop to get 20+ grams of protein, right? I guess it couldn’t hurt… but it would probably cost a LOT! lol

    • Oksana 10 years ago

      I started to take it about a week ago and love it. I usually put 2 spoons into my smoothie with frozen banana, berries, spinach and water or coconut milk. You know that I am not a big fan of protein powder, since I contains who know what, beside protein.

      • Willie Harris 10 years ago

        Fantastic, finally we are exploring the underlying issues which supports the overall nature of fitness! NUTRITION! abd although SUPPLEMENTS can be a useful tool to use in your quest towards your fitness goals, I believe Oksana said it best, you never know what you are introducing into your body and most importantly how your body will respond to these unexplored fillers found in 95 % of the supplemental products currently on the market.
        WILLIE HARRIS :pushups

    • Miguel Sandoval 10 years ago

      “Nutrex” “NOW” and “Earthrise” seem to be amongst the most popular brands of Spirulina powder out there, of course there are many more out there you can choose from, so long as it’s organic, natural, and has no preservatives
      Spirulina does have more protein than conventional protein by weight, so it may be cheaper, but certainly not taste as good

  2. Jamie 10 years ago

    I used to take spirulina years ago and then I started using protein powder. And I must say I feel great now that I am not using protein powder anymore and I’m only using spirulina I always have listen to my body and I remember taking protein powder my body just felt so so now that I’m back on taking Spira Lina every time I take it my body feels fantastic :yahoo:

  3. Terri 10 years ago

    Thank you so much for the article. I used to take spirulina years ago and got out of the habit. I really appreciate the smoothie recipes. I need new ones to do in the morning to take to work with me and these will work. I don’t juice because I was loosing all the nutrients from the pulp so I try to use whole fruits and veggies where I can.

    • Miguel Sandoval 10 years ago

      That’s good!
      Getting back on the Spirulina train will be very good for you and everyone alike
      I’ll be happy to provide more smoothie recipes if you need any
      Thank you for your feedback!

      • Nikki Brown 10 years ago

        Yes! keep the smoothie recipes coming. they were very helpful.

    • Nikki Brown 10 years ago

      I do both juicing AND blending. I think here are benefits to both. I like my juice in the am – concentrated shot of nutrients. I normally get a lot of fiber in my diet anyway, so losing the benefit of the pulp isn’t a concern. For people that want to add juice the pulp can be used in baking… sweets, meatloaf.. even crackers. Well… I was told a recipe for gluten free raw flax crackers using pulp, flax seeds, flax meal, olive oil, and then “cooked” in the dehydrator…. but I don’t plan to buy a dehydrator – so I may try this in the oven.

  4. Abhinav Gupta 10 years ago

    Hey I decided to buy the tablet version of Spirulina, any difference? Also, when should I be taking this? How many a day? pre workout? post workout? before eating?


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