1. tony 10 years ago
  2. "G" 10 years ago

    Kris on da bench WAS FUNNEEEE! YOU HIT THAT NAIL RIGHT ON DA HEAD BRO BRO. And I agree it’s not polite to stare, I give women a little more space Cuz they’re in vulnerable positions sometimes when they work out. But it is also natural for men & women to check each other out but in da gym we MUST FIGHT OFF DA URGE TO STARE.

  3. Willie Harris 10 years ago

    Gym Etiquette is a smash! All legitimate concerns that presents hostility but all have really easy resolution! BOTTOM LINE PEOPLE IT IS ABOUT RESPECT! RESPECT AND MORE RESPECT. BE RESPONSIBLE IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT.
    Train Hard & STAY CONSISTENT.
    WILLIE HARRIS :yahoo:

  4. Roz 10 years ago

    Yes that was a great video because it covered all the things we do wrong in the gym, but you have to realize some people want to work out with their own people and although they have the weights everybody’s not on the same level and you have to keep changing them and that can be a trip. People need to be honest with their self and only use equipment that they are training for and not just waste time when serious people need the equipment. I agree that every one needs respect, and the gym is NOT a social club but go work out and do your thing away from there!!!! :dumbbells

  5. Terri 10 years ago

    This was put together very well and funny as hell. Good Job!!!

  6. Iman Turner 10 years ago

    Haha… Very funny!!! Great Job 🙂

  7. David 10 years ago

    This video is so great and so true! I absolutely hate it when I get to the free weight area and there’s no freakin’ weights on the rack! Instead, they are sprawled out in all corners of the gym. How do you find your weights?!

  8. sharone 10 years ago

    Hes absolutely right we pay monthly for a gym with no weights where they are suppose to be.

  9. ebony c. 10 years ago

    I love this video awesome hilarious classic my ucgym family keep them coming :yahoo:

  10. Masha_fit 10 years ago

    Great video!
    thank u and guys stop staring just glance 😉

  11. Krystaltheofficial 10 years ago

    This was freaking hilarioussssss. Spot on!

    That guy who said i spend 30 minutes looking for weights when i would be done and on my way home 30 minutes later… REALLY dawgg? You work out 30 minutes? thats promising. lol thats all i could think of.

    I don’t think it’s difficult to resist the urge to stare. If I’ve looked up and caught you staring at me more than 3x, you need to get a grip. SORRY. The staring thing is serious. Try having multiple people staring at everything you do.

  12. Krystaltheofficial 10 years ago

    lastly! my biggest gym pet peeve is someone copying my exact routine.

    Many of my exercises are unconventional and I don’t ever see ANYONE doing some of them in the gym. Not ever. sometime i do an exercise in an alternated position etc etc.

    I can’t tell you how many times ive seen someone watch me workout and then walk over and do the exact same thing… for my entire 2 hours.. and never once approach me.. and on top of that.. DOING THE WORKOUTS WRONG where they could possibly hurt themselves. Leave your ego at home. If you’re interested in what I’m doing, ask. No one likes a biter.

  13. Arsh Singh 10 years ago

    Khris you killed it man hahah

  14. carlos siguenza 10 years ago

    yes the dropping of the weights why why oh why

  15. Gabriel 10 years ago

    I can’t stand HORRIBLE BODY ODER. I get sick of people that also have a monopoly on the equipment when they decide to possy up and take over ALL of the benches. Don’t dominate the equipment because that is just mean. Last but most important, the gym is not a competitive environment. We are working towards different goals and we all need to stay in our lane.

  16. Paul 9 years ago


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